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Invest In Your Smile!

Actual Signature Smile

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Invest in Your Smile with Dr. Kiersten Week

Actual Signature Smile

Invest in Your Signature Smile

After visiting our office and seeing the BEAUTIFUL results of our Signature Smile patients, people will sometimes ask, "I'm amazed looking at Dr. Week's results, but will I be able to afford a Signature Smile?" Those same persons are pleasantly surprised to discover that "Yes, you can!" After receiving your complimentary initial examination with Dr. Kiersten Week, and having the opportunity to discuss those examination results with her, a Signature Smile team member will work with you to customize a financial arrangement that makes sense for you. We understand that families and individuals have different needs, and we never want finances to be an obstacle to obtaining your Signature Smile.


Our office is committed to helping you maximize your insurance benefits. We are happy to accept your insurance and to help you in determining what your benefits are and how they are paid. If you have any questions, our Signature Smile team is always available to answer them.